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Aquatica refers to a series of water park owned & operated by the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainments. Aquatica Park operates in Orlando, Florida.

What is Aquatica?

Combines the sort of up-close animal encounters that made SeaWorld Orlando famous with thrilling rides, sandy beaches and a serene lazy river for optimal water-themed entertainment. And thanks to heated water in the cooler months, it’s open for your enjoyment all year long!

Aquatica Schedule

Aquatica Orlando is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 365 days a year. The opening hours vary. For the safety of guests, water slides and attractions are sometimes closed for scheduled repairs and maintenance.

Things to do in Aquatica

Interaction with animals: there are many animals in Aquatica. One of our favorites is the African turtle. Turtles are the third largest turtle species in the world and are often highly respected in Africa as a sign of good luck, longevity and happiness. You can replenish your happiness, longevity and happiness while visiting animals and learning more about their lives. You can also see the Commerson dolphins on Loggerhead Lane on the lazy river or pass Dolphin Plunge.

Watch Commerson’s dolphin training: if you’re talking about Commerson’s dolphins, you can even see one of Commerson’s dolphins in the show with the instructors. When you see them work, the Aquatica coach will explain what they are doing and tell you more about them.

Outlier Ihu: Aquatica is a water park, so you must spend the day in some of the most interesting water games. Ihus Breakaway Falls is the tallest, steepest and most unique multiple drop tower in Orlando, and you’ll never have enough! Other games and slides of Aquatica include Taumata Racer, where you run for the first time along the steep slope with your friends and family. Hoo Hoo Run is a fast slide that you can ride with friends or family and Tassie’s Twisters shoots you in a large bowl where it spins and spins and spins until you swim in a lazy river.

Everything you can eat in buffet style: after having fun in several Aquatica races, take a break and enjoy a full day buffet at Banana

Beach. This restaurant offers pizza, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, chicken, hot dogs and more!

Cabin rental for shadows: enjoy calm and relaxing hours with Aquatica Cabana. You and three other guests can enjoy the tranquility of Rao’s rapids and various cabin rental services, which include furniture, sofas, food and more.

Take a family photo: it will surely awaken the memories of Ihu Breakaway Falls, relax in your cabin, swim and play among Aquatica animals. So be sure to capture those memories with images! Aquatica photographers can help you bring these memories to life and can also be found in the park.

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Aquatica Rides

Dolphin Plunge: two slides that slide side by side pass through the crystal clear house of the lagoon to the beautiful herd of black and white dolphins of Commerson. Known for their style of play, they can also run right next to you. Size limits: guests must be at least 10 inches tall to drive.

HooRoo Run®: Raft for three takeoffs in a vertical jump: this is a 250- foot wild raft ride from three falls from six levels that you will never forget! Size limits: guests must be 42 inches and taller to drive. Life jackets are recommended for people under 48 inches.

Ihus Breakaway Falls®: called the colorful gecko Aquatica pet, this is a free fall and multiple fall trip that thrills its passengers. In fact, this is the tallest and steepest trip of several drops to Orlando. Size limits: Guests must be at least 48 inches to drive.

KareKare Curl: This new tour for two people was added in 2019 and invites you to climb a wall with vertical waves and experience a feeling of weightlessness.

Omaka Rocka: glides over the boat on high-tech channels as you go through complicated funnels. Prepare to be thrown to one side of the funnel to slide to the other side. Size limits: Guests must be at least 48 inches to drive.

Ray Rush: Slip, wallow and float on this full water adventure that first took place in Aquatica in 2018. Fill your raft with friends and family when a water jet hits you, spin a giant water ball. water and immerse yourself in giant blanket wings.

Tassies Twisters: Start from Loggerhead Lane and climb slowly to the island’s tower. You’re not sure of what you’re headed to, as long as you fall into a fast tube that bolts you in a large giant bowl. Finally, the guests can return to the relaxing lazy river.

Taumata Racer®: Participate in an epic high-speed competition between eight riders while descending a steep hill with a mat. Watch the competition as you approach the ground and see who jumped into the pond first. Size limits: guests must be 42 inches or taller to drive.

Walhalla Wave®: navigate a six-story maze on a round raft. Glide through dark and menacing tunnels, turn surprisingly, then splash in shallow puddles. Size limits: guests must be at least 10 inches tall to drive. Life jackets are recommended for people under 48 inches.

Whanau Way: Climb a four-way sliding tower where you can choose between four unique high-speed water slides. Shoot slides with your friends in double tube for fun. Size limits: life jackets are recommended for people under 48 inches.

Roa’s Rapids®: Start an action-packed river cruise and catapult guests through the tides, swirling waters and swollen geysers. Hold on tight: it’s a sensation of white water at high speed with a series of waves. Size limitations: drivers under 51 inches must wear life jackets.

Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores: Two giant wave pools adorn the white-sand beach and this 80,000-square-foot sunbed. Swim, play or surf the waves in one of the two wave pools. Cutback Cove is known for large waves with wavelengths of up to two meters, while Big Surf Shores offers small and large waves.

Kaoka’s Kookaburra Cove®: A bird with a loud shout is a homonym for this child-friendly play area. Young children can explore strange water slides, sprinkled with water sprites and approach a water slide for beginners.

Walkabout Waters: The 60-foot fort serves as a beacon for South Sea entertainment, inviting everyone to this area of Walkabout and 15,000- square-foot games for all ages. Slip, climb and walk into the refreshing shallow water.

Aquatica with toddlers

Aquatica has many trips for the little ones. Children can relax and play. Sit back and relax on the beautiful white sandy beach. In Kookaburra Cove Kata there are slides for beginners, gargoyles and swimming pools where children can have fun. There’s so much for the little ones to enjoy!

Aquatica With Special Needs

Just like Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, Aquatica Orlando is committed to providing equal access to guests with disabilities. They will do their best to please you and make you enjoy your visit here.

Aquatica Orlando is the first water park in the world known as a Certified Autism Center. The Orlando Aquatica accessibility program is designed to allow guests to fully participate in our park, taking into account the safety requirements of the attractions. This program was developed based on the manufacturer’s requirements and by evaluating the physical and mental characteristics necessary to drive safely and participate in other attractions. It also welcomes guests with food allergens.

Aquatica tips

Arrive early: Aquatica Orlando focuses on guest safety and entertainment and has a limited daily capacity. If you arrive early in the morning, you can make sure your family enters the park. Arriving late can lead to disgruntled family members and crowded water parks. The opening hours of the Aquatica Orlando vary every day, but are open every day at 10:00 AM.

What you should bring: traveling with your family in a water park will not be complete without your needs. Be sure to bring the following items for your trip:

  • Suitable swimsuits.
  • a towel
  • sunscreen
  • a hat
  • Sunglasses

Private cabin reservations: as one of Aquatica Orlando’s favorite tips, we recommend ordering a private cabin for your family. If you request a cabin, you can choose from a variety of them, each with a variety of services

Wear bracelets without cash: if you decide not to rent a locker, what will you do with your personal items, such as cash and credit cards? Most will store their belongings in plastic bags that are tied and hope for the best when traveling during the day. Say goodbye to this annoying plastic bag with bracelets without money!

Use the quick queue: the last thing you want to do while in the water park is queuing. Even the shortest line seems to last forever! Because this Orlando water park is popular with families, using the Quick Queue option is one of Aquatica Orlando’s main suggestions.

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