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Discovery Cove is a swimming & dolphin park owned & operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment in Orlando, Florida.

What is Discovery Cove?

This is the sister park of SeaWorld Orlando & Aquatica Orlando. You can interact with various sea creatures such as the dolphins.

Discovery Cove Schedule

Discovery Cove is a full day adventure with hours from 8: 00AM – 5:30 PM. Every day. Check-in begins at 7:15 a.m.

Things to do in Discovery Cove

Swim with bottlenose dolphins: if you are a dolphin lover like us, swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove is a must. This is an interactive 30-minute adventure with a small group of other guests and trainers who teach you the behavior and communication of dolphins before enjoying the most memorable trip with dorsal fins in the water to return to shallow water. During the encounter with the dolphins, you can hug, kiss and rub your new dolphin friend, who will remain in your heart forever.

Snorkeling with stingrays and tropical fish in Grand Reef: take your snorkeling gear and swim in Grand Reef among thousands of exotic, colorful, beautiful and soft races. Once you get used to cold water, you will feel at home with its inhabitants.

Move from one nose to another with a shark, head to the Great Reef and even see sharks with sharp teeth swimming safely behind a large window. If you don’t have courage, you can see sharks from below while crossing a suspension bridge.

Find monkeys with claws: in the middle of a freshwater oasis there is a small island, where small marmosets climb trees, hide and eat. Try to find one from afar!

Meet cute beavers: walk in a freshwater oasis and find delicious beavers through your glasses. Whether you see it underwater or from above, this beaver will entertain you.

Exotic birds in the Explorer aviary: the Discovery Cove free flight aviary is home to hundreds of colorful birds that stretch over land and sea. Watch these beautiful four-legged friends fly above and around you. You can even feed the birds by hand with special bird food, which is found in carts inside bird cages.

Move the mouse over the Wind-Away River: exit Aviary Explorer and continue straight along the Wind-Away River. Here you will experience the flow of this relaxing tropical river as it passes through waterfalls, sandy beaches and underwater caves. Pool noodles are available along the Wind-Away River for a more relaxing trip.

Discovery Cove offers an incredible selection of appetizers, side dishes and desserts, from grilled salmon, fresh salads and hamburgers with tasty bacon to carrot cake and various fruits to suit your tastes. Quench your thirst with a variety of products. Heat with hot chocolate and coffee on those colder days. Guests over 21 can enjoy refreshing alcoholic beverages such as red and white wine, beer and frozen daiquiris on the island’s theme, all included in the price.

Enjoy a refreshing drink on a sun lounger on Sunken Terrace: take the frozen mangoes and Daiquiris of Sunrise, available in one of the many bars of Discovery Cove, and have fun while sitting in a chair in a water chamber. By 18 inches. Conveniently located across from the bar, Sunken Terrace joins an oasis of fresh water.

Falling asleep in a hammock: as you can see, there are many things to see and do at Discovery Cove, but don’t forget to use this time to relax and breathe. There is no better way to do it than take a nap in a hammock under a swaying coconut tree and a cool breeze.

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Discovery Cove Attractions

Swim with dolphins: a thirty-minute dolphin’s encounter is combination of fun, education and entertainment. These strong but friendly animals slide a few inches away from the guests, rubbing their belly, kissing, talking, splashing and making big leaps. Groups of six-8 guests lined up in narrow water, where every group was received by their dolphins.

The Great Reef: from surface, it appears like a beautiful lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters, accentuated by shipwrecks. Wear a snorkel and mask, then float to the surfaces to find the beauty of this simulated reef coral. There’re thousands of exotic & colorful fish of various sizes & shapes. There are equally many types of ray (all are harmless), some of which are very large!

Wind-away River: relax. It’s not better Sail along the turquoise water of the tropical river and wander through the winding curves with lush gardens & palm trees along the banks. Cool off while walking through waterfalls that flow through rivers or rocky caves.

Explorer’s Aviary: what would a tropical paradise be without the exotic bird? More than thirty species of bird live in the cages of Discovery Cove. Take a walk in the lush garden & admire the beautiful birds, listen to their exotic conversation & stop feeding them on demand. More than two hundred and fifty tropical birds live in closed free-flight cages.

The Serenity Bay: bright year-round, water of 32 degrees Celsius, white sand beaches, waterfalls surrounded by tropical environments: what can be more relaxed or relaxed? Snorkel or Swim in clear, shallow water or go to the cave to massage the shoulders and neck of the waterfall.

SeaVenture: underwater adventure in the Great Reef. Put on a diving helmet full of bubbles that is filled with fresh-air as walk among fish, rays & other forms of marine life on a sandy ground.

Freshwater oasis: explore crystal clear freshwater pools under the roof of a rainforest and observe beavers & marmosets (the small primates).

Discovery Cove with toddlers

It provides fun for all the ages. Review product details when buying an upgrade experience. Children of all ages can enjoy Explorer’s Aviary, Grand Reef, Wind-Away River, Serenity Bay and all areas of the beach. Life jackets and other buoys are available on some waterways.

Discovery Cove with seniors

This is an all-inclusive resort in Orlando, Florida. Older people can swim and interact with dolphins, dive with tropical fish and much more! What is the best time to go to Discovery Cove with the elders? Whenever it fits your schedule, it’s the right time for you!

Discovery Cove With Special Needs:

Just like Disney World and Universal Orlando, Discovery Cove offers a variety of access options throughout the park, including wheelchairs, pets and more. Discovery Cove has been awarded as a Certified Autism Center. Our garden accessibility program adapts the individual abilities of the guests to the needs of each experience. Discovery Cove offers several options for guests with food allergies.

Discovery Cove tips

  • Arrive early. Check-in begins one hour before the park opens. So you can register and have breakfast before the crowd begins. This means you have an extra hour in the water. Not to mention the morning races (and later, when the park closes) takes place at the Grand Reef, so you can try them before swimming with the dolphins.
  • First visit of Aviary Explorer. During the day, the birds are filled with all the food, so they sit less frequently in their arms. (Hungry birds = the best opportunities to take photos).

    Do not worry about wearing jewelry. You have to release it to swim with the dolphins and the birds you feed may prefer silver or gold spots.

    Come hungry Food included! Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks and even alcoholic beverages are part of the package. The main food stalls in the middle of the park may be full, so go to the other two at the outer edge for quick access. (There are also gluten-free snacks, just ask!)

    Get your free photos at noon. Before entering Discovery Cove, your group poses for photos and this is at home! (What about memories?) At closing tome, the line at the photo station is very long. Beat the crowd by taking your free photos while everyone strolls the park.

    See more animals in Conservation Cabana located directly in front of Laguna Grill with a variety of species to endure during the day. Our favorite? Sleepy sloth who likes back pain.

  • You will bathe in a windy river. There are two separate waterfalls that extend across the canal. (Keep your sunglasses on! This waterfall is strong enough). Be careful of beavers, strands and other creatures while sliding.

    In all wet areas a vest or a diving suit is required. Upon arrival, you can choose a jacket or a diving suit for the day. Always carry it with you when you want to swim or dive; Discovery Cove requires it in the water. Yes, even the rivers are transported by the wind!

    Get your room. Private cabins can be rented for up to six people for an additional fee.

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