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Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. It opened on May 28, 1999, along with CityWalk, as part of an expansion that converted Universal Studios Florida into the Universal Orlando Resort.

What is Islands of Adventure?

Islands of Adventure is modeled after a journey of exploration, where guests embark on an adventure to visit a variety of themed islands. Initially, the park featured six islands. A seventh, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was added in 2010, themed to the popular Harry Potter franchise

Islands of Adventure Schedule

Opening hours 9:00AM – closing hours vary. Open 365 days a year. A good time to visit on September 8 – November 15. Peak time frame June 20 – September 7, December 20 – January 3, March 1 – April 30. Purchase Universal Orlando tickets with Orlando hotels and Orlando vacation home rentals to get the best deals!

Things to do in Islands of Adventure

Butterbeer: having more than twenty millions servings of butter beer sold to Universal Orlando, this drink deserves its place on the lists. Also found in Universal Studios vacation packages.

Skull Island: the Reign of Kong: King Kong’s one of the most recent additions to the various attractions of Islands of Adventures. This trip goes via an impressive story & ends with Kong’s eyes!

Raptor Encounters: Blues from Jurassic World has formed a traditional Greet & Meet with … its only way to interact with guests. There is a reasons that the meeting is one of the largest roads in the theme park!

Night light at Hogwarts’ Castle: remember that there are nights when this spectacular event can be seen repeatedly, including map projections, fireworks and epic scores!

The Hulk’s first line: this is a journey that will take you from zero to one hundred real quick making you feel the incredible Hulk!

Buy comics in Marvel Superheroes Island: Remember, Marvel’s based on comic animation. With this mantra, you can absorb all experience, from the attractions to shopping and food! Immerse yourself! If you read our articles about the Universal Orlando themes you are getting wet in, you should prepare yourself with ponchos! Dudley Do-Rights, Jurassic Park River Adventure & Popeye are classic water attractions that will do their job if you like to cool off the Orlando weather!

Eat at the Mythos restaurant: This mixture of Mediterranean, American & Asian cuisine will surprise you in the park.

Immerse yourself in The Wizarding World Harry Potter: this is the reason many people visit Island of Adventure. Get ready for snakes and hustle, but you’ll have fun wandering around & checking out the detail.

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Islands of Adventure Characters

Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Storm, Green Goblin and Doctor Doom are Marvel® superheroes that you can meet during your day at Universal Islands of Adventure. Islands of Adventure Universal also offers many areas of the character, including: Seuss area characters, Meet Spider-Man and Marvel® superhero, Raptor Encounter and Spider-Man appear in Marvel® Alterniverse Store®. And don’t miss dinner with Marvel® characters! (Please note that all Universal Islands of Adventure characters are subject to change without notice.)

Islands of Adventure Orlando Rides

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®: Customize Spider-Man Marvel step by step while pulling nets, climbing walls and climbing impressive buildings, then diving on the sidewalk with a virtual fall of 400 feet. Help him prevent the evil union from taking hostages in the Statue of Liberty. The extraordinary special effects and 3D technology make it an epic adventure to wear Spider-Man shoes. Height limits: at least 102 cm. Children between 102 and 122 cm must be accompanied by a someone.

Dear-Seuss-el ™: jump over the strange and colorful creatures of Dr. Dear Book of Seuss! You will mix with Elephant Bird, If I Ran the Mulligatawnies, and more while Horton the Elephant sits on the carousel as the official pet. Size limits: children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by a someone.

The Cat in the Hat: Expect many gadgets when The Cat in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two enter comfortably when the father and mother are away from home. This is strange and very enjoyable, the recreation of Dr. Ing. Seuss experiments with the beloved classic storybook. Size limitations: at least 92 cm. Children under 122 cm must be accompanied by someone.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall®: You know it will be a threatening journey when you approach two beautiful 200-foot towers. Be careful, Dr. Doom is eager to gather his fears in his latest crime find! Fly to the sky at 185 feet, then launch faster than gravity. Size limitations: at least 132 cm.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls®: joining as Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-Right saves sweet Nell Fenwick from the clutches of Snidely Whiplash, which locks Nell in a sawmill. As you progress through the adventure, you fall on a tree trunk and expect a lot of action on your way: Ripsaw Falls has a 75 foot drop and dynamite huts explode! Size limitations: at least 112 cm. Children under 122 cm must be accompanied by someone.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ™: the newest member of the magical world of Harry Potter ™ invites you to fly out of the land of Hogwarts ™ Castle and enter the Forbidden Forest. With the latest roller coaster technology and compelling arguments, this frantic journey brings you closer to some of the wildest magical creatures than ever. Height limits: at least 121.9 cm.

High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride: On this rail of the car there are two routes that offer a different experience. One title contains the complete Seuss Landing ™ cube, while the other title continues with the story of Sneetches ™ in the queue. At Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous you also have the opportunity to surround the guests from above. Size limitations: at least 92 cm. Children under 122 cm must be accompanied by someone.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster®: The power of the Incredible Hulk remains very important in this epic roller coaster. Prepare while driving and tour the track, climbing up to 100 km / hour. Lower your head and chase the incredible zero gravity shot. Listen to the roar and experience the power of Bruce Banner’s alter ego! Height limitations at least 137 cm.

Jurassic Park River Adventure: Prepare yourself as a Jurassic Park tourist who doesn’t understand anything on a fast boat ride that rivals quickly. After being knocked out by a menacing dinosaur, power is interrupted and you end up in the waiting area for birds of prey, where hungry velociraptors can now roam freely. The situation worsens when you can free the mighty T-Rex from the pine when you fall a meter into total darkness! Height limits: at least 107 cm. Children under 122 cm must be accompanied by someone.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, and Blue Fish ™: travel in strangely colored fish and fly up and down and around and around. Inspired by Dr., Seuss’s legendary story will tickle you on this trip with a fountain that waters time with music. Size limits: children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by someone.

Popeye & Blutos Bilge-Rat Barges®: hold on tight when you lose control on a whirlwind trip! Help Popeye the sailor, on a fun rescue mission to save Olive from the elusive Bluto. Give yourself a sense of adventure and your towel! Height limits: at least 107 cm. Children under 48 years (122 cm) must be accompanied by someone.

Pteranodon flyers: start a flying swing under the wings of a giant pteranodon! This flight offers an extraordinary view of the Jurassic Camp while flying on a windy journey with prehistoric creatures. Size limitations: at least 92 cm. Children under 48 years (122 cm) must be accompanied by someone.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong™: Inspired by the King Kong movie, Peter Jackson, began a 30-year-old expedition to Skull Island. Cross the swamps and forests where prehistoric predators and monstrous creatures play. Things get weird when your crew enters the heart of the island: King Kong appears in the shadows and is ready to protect his territory! Height limits: at least 91.4 cm. Children between 91 and 122 cm must be accompanied by a person to accompany them.

In the Wizarding World Harry Potter ™, Hogsmeade, you will find the Hogwarts Castle ™, as well as Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey ™. But keep in mind, the magical world of Harry Potter ™ has so much more to offer so get ready to put on the tunic and wave a wand!

What Islands of Adventure rides should I use Express Pass?

If you arrive early, you may not need flash authorization to start the day quickly. If you decide to buy a pass, it may take an hour to wait and make sure you cannot visit all the highlights without this pass. Use it for this trip The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Skull Island Reign of Kong, Amazing Spider-Man Adventures and Doctor Dooms Fearfall which all tend to have long queues.

Islands of Adventure Parade

Grinchmas: For visitors who like the Grinch, there isn’t a better time to visit the Islands of Adventures than during the Grinchmas show. Seuss Landing becomes the wonderful world of Grinchmas with live shows that play the “Grinchmas Holiday Show”. This show presents some of your desired Grinch movie characters. The music was also recorded by the Mannheim Steamrollers. Guests can contact Grinch personally to obtain a photo or signature. You may even have breakfast with him! Breakfast with the characters of Grinch and Friends takes place in certain mornings and is a culinary experience that requires prior reservation. However, Grinchmas is included in the normal entrance to the park.

Island of Adventure with toddlers

Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort is one of Orlando’s main parks for families with young children and preschoolers. There is a playground where children can climb and explore, fun games that children and parents can enjoy together and special interactive experiences. Attractions for children in the Islands of Adventure include: Pteranodon Flyer, Jurassic Camp, Discovery Center, Hippogriff Aviation, Me Ship, Olive, Storm Force Accelatron, Cat in a Hat, Caro Seuss-el.

Islands of Adventure With Special Needs:

Universal’s AAP Attraction Assistance Pass, functions in similar manner to Disneyland DAS Disability Access Service, though AAP equally utilizes a paper-based system while the DAS has been digitized. AAP is for visitors with physical or cognitive disabilities who cannot wait in conventional queues. With the Universal AAP, people with disabilities & their groups can wait in alternative queues (such as Universal Express queues), if possible.

Islands of Adventure tips

Buy tickets online in advance: this tip saves you time and money! It is better to buy the ticket in advance. This prevents you from having to wait in a long line of tickets when you arrive.

Get a Universal Express Pass: Depending on the season, you may want to buy Universal Orlando packages with an Express Pass. Islands of Adventure offers some of the most innovative latency trips to prove it.

Prepare a game plan and download the official Universal Orlando app. Get to the park early, after you have reviewed the map so you can know where to head first.

Find out when is the best time to visit Island of Adventure: this is one of the best tips for adventure on the island! Vacation peaks, crowds, weather and many other factors are linked to your experience at Universal Orlando, including waiting for your favorite trip.

Start in Adventure Islands early: try to arrive one hour before the park before opening hours. If you qualify for early parking, take the opportunity. Advance tickets to the park are available for Universal Orlando hotel guests and, sometimes, for annual permit holders

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