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Universal Studios Orlando is an amusement park and production studio in Orlando, Florida. The park was inaugurated on June 7, 1990 and is dedicated to the entertainment industry, particularly to film and television.

What is Universal Studios?

Universal Orlando Resort (UOR) inspires guests to “make movies” and offers a variety of attractions and live shows. This park is a component of the largest Universal Orlando Resort. Purchase your Universal Studios tickets including Universal Studios Vacation packages with best Orlando hotels and Orlando vacation home rentals.

Universal Studios Schedule

You don’t have to rush to Universal Studios Orlando; you have to find out what the work hours are. To simplify your work, we have registered the opening hours of Universal Studios Orlando Florida. See the opening and closing times of the park so you can arrive on time. Find out from here if Universal Studios is open during holidays or special events. Opening hours 9:00 am – closing hours vary 365 days a year. The right time to visit is from September 8 to November 15. Peak time frame June 20 – September 7, December 20 – January 3, March 1 – April 30

Things to do in Universal Studios

Take your photos at Universal Sign: sometimes we are so busy with Universal’s entertainment offers that we completely forget to stop and start taking photos and, unfortunately, we leave no memories of our travel themes. The iconic world is the best opportunity to take photos of family / couple vacations. Be sure to get your picture at the beginning of the day. Do not wait until late at night, when you are too tired and / or completely frayed by sweating or diving in the water all day!

Spend a day exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: for Harry Potter fans, a full day to discover the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a must. With fantastic attractions and attractions in both parks, you really need a whole day to enjoy all the fun. With Diagon Alley at Universal, Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, Hogwarts Express, several walks, theme restaurants, countless photo opportunities and more, you can fill an entire day with Harry Potter!

Dine at Mythos Restaurant: this charming rock-themed restaurant has been repeatedly selected as one of the best themed restaurants in the world. The landscape here is really unique and there are wonderful views of the amusement park, so you don’t want to leave the excitement behind. The food is also exceptional. It will only take about an hour of your time, but believe me; it is worth it for the pleasant atmosphere, not to mention the beautiful collisions that are much needed from your feet!

Pamper yourself with Butter-beer: Harry Potter fans and anyone looking for a delicious cold drink to beat the heat want to try the butter beer before leaving Universal. If you are a fan of books, you can know that this drink is mentioned many times, so it must be very tasty. Although the recipe for a cream drink is a mystery, online you will find many recipes that try to mimic popular foods. Here are some delicious butter beer recipes for beginners. This drink is not alcoholic and basically has the flavor of a mixture of cream and caramel soda with butter.

Give yourself a day of pampering at the wellness center (spa): after the whole hike (according to one GPS watch, you will easily cover at least 16 km in a few days), your feet will really hurt. This also applies to the entire body, especially if you use a heavy backpack all day. Take care of your sick body and your tired mind until a relaxing day at the spa. Orlando is famous for its clean spas, which is not surprising, considering that this is the main destination for honeymoon and other romantic celebrations.

Take advantage of the countless opportunities to take photos of Harry Potter: in both parks you will find many perfect opportunities to take photos of Harry Potter: The Knight Bus, Platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezies, telephone booths in King’s Cross and the list keeps going. Many universal movie scenes are hidden in Universal and Islands of Adventure. Initial entry is a must if you really want to explore both parks, except for the extreme bottlenecks that occur later. Be sure to pack your camera and take all the crazy photos you will remember years later.

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Universal Studios Characters

Minions and Gru: if you go to the beginning and end of the show at Universal Studios, there is also the mini parade of favorite villain, one of the four areas of the characters’ party. After the characters come out and have a mini show, you can meet them later. The time for this is shown on the general map. In the area of the Despicable Me character, you can meet Gru, Vector, Agnes, Margot and Edith. Unfortunately, Minions like to talk to people, which is embarrassing because it will be fun to see and meet Kevin, Bob, Dave and Stuart. In fact, the Minions can be a bit irritating because they insist on being present in all the pictures of the characters.

Shrek, Donkey & Friends: Shrek, Donkey and Friends are also in a fixed position on a side street at the top of Shrek’s 4-D tourist attraction. Your business card will show the time of meetings and greetings. However, it was not mentioned who was there when. A day passed immediately after the cat’s boot was finished. Unfortunately, we never saw Shrek or Fiona there, but we had a meeting with Donkey, which was fun. Don’t assume this will be a boring meeting. It was like talking to a real donkey and, my God, it was so much fun.

Transformers: The characters meet and greet Transformers almost in front of Shrek and his friends (behind Shrek 4-D). It is also close to one of the Transformers Shop. These meetings and greetings always have the longest lines, but A: They are worth waiting for and B: They’re some of Universal’s most popular characters. This is not a greeting in the usual sense, because you may not touch the character. This is for obvious health and safety reasons. Transformers are very realistic and hard to believe that there are humans in them. Sometimes they talk to people, especially when they come and go, but they rarely talk during Meet and Greet. The three main characters Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron were filmed almost all day.

Universal Studios Orlando Rides

Harry Potter & Escape from Gringotts: Harry Potter and Escape from Gringotts are the center of Diagon Alley, the second Harry Potter country in Universal Orlando (even more disturbing and extraordinary than the original Hogsmeade country). It sends riders on a journey with Ron, Harry & Hermione in one of the highlights of the book & the movie series.

Revenge of the mummy: “Psychological Thrill Ride” combines a dark journey with an impressive animatronic effect and special effects and an extraordinary roller coaster experience. Then they will shout for your mother.

Transformers: The Ride 3D: With the Spider-Man Ride Motion Base Ride system, Universal invites citizens to help Autobots save the world (without putting too much pressure on guests). Instead of the comic representation used for Marvel’s journey, Transformers uses a photorealistic representation of Michael Bay’s films.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: Minion Mayhem channeled the impertinent humor of the Despicable Me films and the ride is funny & irrelevant. This is the third attraction on display at the Ride film Theater in the park.

Race through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon: Traveling with a 4D motion simulator puts you in the driver’s seat while challenging Tonight Show moderators in Times Square, under the East River, above the Statue of Liberty and other important locations from New York to compete

Men in Black Alien Attack: Interactive scrub shooter for tests in Men in Black. When a disaster occurs (as is often the case with amusement park games), recruits are called to fly strangers. Hogwarts Express: Like Harry Potter, you can travel between London and the city of Hogsmeade in Scotland with Hogwarts Express. However, this is not just a means of transportation.

The Simpsons Ride: The Simpsons Ride takes visitors to a very dangerous theme park in Krustyland, where they can travel full of anger and misfortune. Installed in the Ridefilm building, which previously featured the Back to the Future attractions, this is very interesting.

What Universal Studios attraction should I use with Express Pass?

With Universal Express, you can cross the line at most Universal Studios Florida. Use it with Harry Potter and Gringott’s fugitive, Despicable me Minions Mayhem, The Simpsons Ride or Mummy Revenge.

Universal Studios Parade

Universal Superstar Parade ™: break out the confetti and join the fun! Dance and rock with Nickelodeon “SpongeBob”, Dora and Diego, and Gru, Agnes, Margo, Edith and Minion from the movie Universal Pictures / Illumination Entertainment Despicable Me. In addition, you will personally see some of the funniest lighting moments that hit The Secret Life of Pets. The streets of Universal Studios ™ become a great stage in one of the best interactive experiences ever created. This show features elaborate themed decorative vehicles, energetic street players and spectacular music.

Universal Studios with young children

Parents should use the Child Swap room: if you visit Universal Orlando with young children who may not be able to drive all trips, that does not mean you cannot do it. Parents can use the Universal Orlando child-friendly exchange center to ride alternative horses while others wait with children who cannot drive. You may have visited for the children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too!

Universal Studios While Pregnant

Rides safe for pregnant women include:

  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Tempting Honeydukes deals and three Broomsticks
  • Terminator 2: 3D and Sinbad Stunt Show Eighth Voyage

Rides you must avoid while pregnant

  • Rides where precautions have been taken against during pregnancy; most races are clearly not a good idea.
  • Many trips to Adventure Islands will be canceled for this trip.
  • The challenge of the dragon and the escape of the hippogriff

Universal Studios For Seniors

Young generations like it. It is not too so for the mature. The ticket costs more than 100 dollars, not bad considering the value of the theme park. The problem is that the theme park is not for older people. But everyone has to try Universal Studios Florida at least once. There are attractions, restaurants, and, of course, shops. The amusement park highlights movies in the studio. And they already have some success; Diagon Alley (rides).

Universal Studios With Special Needs:

Universal’s Attraction Assistance Pass abbreviated AAP functions as the Disneyland Disability Access Service abbreviated (DAS), although the AAP still uses a paper system while the DAS has been digitized. AAP is for visitors with physical or cognitive disabilities who cannot wait in conventional queues. With the Universal AAP, people with disabilities & their groups can wait in alternative queues (such as Universal Express queues), if possible.

Tips for Universal Studios

Time is the key: deciding when to visit Universal Orlando is the most important thing. Some seasons, such as summer, occur more frequently, with the consequent longer wait time. For the best day of all time (and minimum queues), you should plan to visit the park at the end of winter or early spring or during the week in autumn and early winter.

Local stay: one of the best tips for Universal Orlando is: stay there. UOR has several hotels directly on the site, which are connected to the park. This has many advantages that accompany your stay.

Pay attention to the Universal Express Pass: if you are in the main season or in the park, buying a Universal Express Pass is one of the best tips for a Universal Orlando vacation. It is important to keep in mind that not all trips accept this step. However, this is what happened with major releases such as Harry Potter and Escape from Gringotts ™ and The Incredible Hulk Coaster®.

Use single riders lines: save more time online with single rider’s lines. If you don’t mind driving alone, jump into the ranks of individual drivers as you approach the front and have more time to drive all Universal Orlando races.

Download the Universal Orlando Resort app: there is obviously an app for this! Download the Universal Orlando Resort app before entering the park. This app provides you with a parking card, current waiting times for trips, schedules and restoration options. You can even buy tickets directly from your phone.

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