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Disney’s Blizzard Beach, one of two water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, offers one of the world’s highest and fastest water slides, as well as water slides and attractions for the whole family, such as playgrounds with small-scale fountains and small versions. Of the most interesting Disney vacation attractions. Check out Disney World vacation packages.

What is the Blizzard Beach water park?

Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a water park at the Walt Disney World Resort located on Bay Lake near Orlando,  in Florida. With the exception of melting snow in the Cross Country Creek ice caves, all water surfaces are heated. This park was inaugurated on April 1, 1995 and is the third water park of Walt Disney World. Blizzard Beach is one of the two water parks of Walt Disney World (the second is Typhoon Lagoon) and is one of the best in the world. It offers a great mix of attractions and interesting and unique themes. It offers relief from the hustle and bustle of the Kingdom of Magic and other theme parks at the resort and can provide pleasant relief, especially when the weather in Florida becomes hot and suffocating (which often happens).

There are many attractions for people of all ages, and guests can spend all day doing other slides and rides, playing in the lazy river, surfing the pool with waves and relaxing on the sun loungers. Blizzard Beach, unlike the Mouse theme park, which is unknown by the merger of the roller coaster or other six-level flags, offers the most exciting experience at Disney World and one of the most exciting water park slides, the Summit Plummet.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Schedule

Disney World Water Park opening hours vary by season. In the coldest months, the standard is 10 days from 10-17 hours. Longer days from 10 to 20 are in the summer months.

The additional magic hours are an advantage for Disney Resort guests who want to spend more time in the park. The normal Disney World watch is extended. Some days you can enter the park one hour before or stay up to 3 hours after closing the park for other guests. If you live in one of the Disney hotels, you can join the Magic Hour Extra Park one hour before the opening hours are published or stay up to 3 hours after closing.

Normally, Blizzard Beach is closed due to the capacity of the season. We suggest you stay as close as possible to the opening hours; otherwise you will have to wait until 2:00 pm when you re-open. From October to March, only one water park is open. Typically, a park is closed for 3 months and reopens when the other one is closed.

Things to do at Blizzard Beach water park

Teamboat Springs: We love this great rafting trip for the whole family. The visitors take out the long slides, turning and submerging in the road. Your trip will be charged on top of Mount Gushmore and you will be surprised how long this attraction lasts. What is even better, you do not have to take a raft on a trip, it is delivered in a lift elevator!

Snowstorm: Snow Stormer Slide offers guests three different ways to go down the hill. Guests will enjoy a purple foam carpet for this attraction, and they will also be at the head of the slide! The first time we used this slide, we did not expect much, but this slide was impressed! The wait is definitely worth it!

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf: Just outside the entrance to Blizzard Beach is Winter Summerland, one of the hotel’s two minigolf courses. It offers a beautiful themed golf course that guests can enjoy. If it’s too hot in the park, you can have fun again or just go to a course at the end of the day at the park!

The Runoff Rapid: this tube slide allows guests to choose between different water slides down the hill. We are happy with this attraction, mainly due to the variety offered: guests can travel in single or double tubes. The slides take the guests to a closed tube, so you do not know where the next turn is! We are also happy with this attraction because it is located behind the park. Therefore, pedestrian traffic is not considered another tourist attraction, so the route is not as bad as other tourist attractions.

Visit Meltaway Bay: Guests who want to swim will adore the “Waves” pool on Blizzard Beach. Unlike the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon, guests are generally treated with waves that are softer, wavy and have no effect. You can take a tube and swim, keeping calm!

Got to Toboggan Racers: Everyone in the family can participate in this pleasure. This slide allows guests to leave first. Guests use purple foam mats to enjoy this trip. Do not worry about the collision with other controllers, because each launch has its own path. Think of it as a wet version of a giant slide with linen bags at a local exhibition! It will surely bring all the players!

Chairlift ride to the top of Mount Gushmore: Visitors who have never visited Blizzard Beach will be surprised to see a ski chair in the middle of the park that takes guests to the top of Mount Gushmore and enter the three attractions of the park. If you speak as someone who climbed the stairs to Mount Gushmore, you will appreciate the convenience of the chair lift for guests, as well as the wonderful view of the park.

The Slush Gusher: This ride is a soft example of second entry, or the Summit Plummet. This ride is not steep or high, but still offers the feeling you’re looking for: the guests ride down this slide that is before the gravity is too large, the guests go right over a hump and they then descend to the bottom. This is, of course, a great step for Disney vacation guess who are not ready for the Summit plummet (or large enough) to check it out!

Visit Summit Plummet: an exciting trip on Blizzard Beach: guests arrive at top speed. We like to ride several times during each trip. It is much steeper and higher than the slides at Laguna Lagoon. Drivers who wait in line and reach the top (and then fall) can count on them to become veterans of one of the highest and fastest slides in the world!

Go to Cross Country Creek: Take Innertube and swim in the park! At Cross Country Creek, guests can hop on and off whenever they want. We like to swim and know the details of the garden and learn more about the subject. Beware of falling water, cold to match the theme of the garden!

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Blizzard Beach Water Park Rides

There is not a shortage of excitement and pleasure at Blizzard Beach. Also, there is something for every experience and experience. From the days of lazy rising on a river and to the plummeting vertically near descending the slide, this water park is here to reach the speed you expect for a perfect day. A long line appears with a good slide. There is no Fast Pass at Disney’s water park. A waiting time of 60 minutes means a waiting time of 60 minutes. It is not a secret that you should first make the most popular slides, but let me say it again. First, create popular slides. The longest waiting times are the elevator, the upper mud, the double car and the chairlift.

The Summit Plummet: Summit Plummet is the jewel in the crown and the absolute attraction of Blizzard Beach. With Walt Disney World, you can see the park’s icon from the air before searching 12 floors at incredible speed, documented with a digital timer. An honest warning that this trip is only for the bravest ghosts!

Teamboat Springs: Family Rafting is our favorite experience at any water park. As one of the longest group rafting trips in the world, Teamboat Springs is at the top of the to-do list at Blizzard Beach. Take up to six members of your frog for 1200 feet of pleasant and lasting memories.

Toboggan Racers: run to the finish line when you shoot forward with a heady 250 foot drop. You will get a glimpse of how to slide through the fresh powder while driving to the bottom of the track.

The Chairlift: Chairlift Blizzard Beach is an actual lift that will take you to the highest point of Mount Gushmore, here you can find some of the best attractions. This ride system is a great thing and a good figure for the theme of Ski resort. Act as if the ski appears even under your feet to create the idea that you really are on a slope.

The Cross country creek: anyone; Lazy River? You may catch Leap and silence your worries in the tube that took us to Blizzard Beach in your days here. It is an ideal way to rest while using this park.

Downhill double dipper: here Lily and Tad cannot get over with standing on these two closed slides, where the doors have failed you in the snake to chase your opponent to finish spot. The flags represent the course as a true skiing competition for this dark 50-foot gradient. Your time is even shown on the digital timer.

Melt-away bay: The average wave pool at Blizzard Beach provides the perfect place to swim or submerge in the tube to absorb the waves. While you live in the sea, pay attention to the music of the island playing in this park.

The runoff rapid: driven by the Gushmore Mountain rapid, three separate water slides turn and turn on the hose through the open channel and end up spraying.

Slush gusher: this is a less powerful type of Blizzard Beach’s famous Plummet Summit. This 90-meter water slide overcomes two gentle hills which promise time in the air.

Snowstorm: Have you ever seen the buttons at the Olympics and thought “Shit, I want to do it!”? Well, it can be as close as ever. This trip will take you to a path that winds from the front for exciting fun.

Blizzard Beach Water Park with toddlers

The best thing about Disney’s water parks is that there are places specially designed for tadpoles in your family. In a place of easy access, slides and adventures for children will be welcome for the little ones to play in Blizzard Beach.

Tike’s Peak: for tadpoles fewer than 48 inches, Tike’s Peak offers a slower and smaller version of the adventure at Blizzard Beach. In the area there is a mini tube, slides side by side, slides that go through the snow and small slides. Remember that parental control is necessary all the time.

Ski Patrol Training Camp: Tad’s favorite area on Blizzard Beach offers interactive activities for teens, such as water obstacles and cable cars, as well as several fun slides.

Blizzard Beach Water Park with special needs

Which accommodations are accessible for disabled people at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park? The Walt Disney World Resort offers many places for people with reduced mobility, visually impaired and deaf people.

What characters are at Blizzard Beach Water Park?

Goofy Water Park: Goofy regularly performs seasonal performances at the venue. Information and time can be found in the time guide.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Tips

  • Remain hydrated: This is our most serious suggestion. Nothing can ruin your day, as if you were completely exhausted by the sun. Drink lots of water to have fun throughout the day.
  • Bring the camera! Blizzard Beach is a great theme and many interesting places to visit.
  • Relax with the help of water shoes, if you want to spend a day or two at the water park. Even if it seems ridiculous, it’s decent and much easier than keeping your fins flying over the ridge. The most important thing is that if you are climbing the next day in the Magic Kingdom, you must protect these feet!
  • Bring your own supplies instead of renting or buying locally. As a family, you save a lot of money if you bring your own towels (even from the hotels!) Instead of borrowing them. Make sure you can fill and bring other products, such as sunscreen, to your local grocery store, so you do not have to pay for the convenience of the place.
  • Get there early, ideally if you drive a car or need more beach chairs. Their parking lot is smaller and gets filled quickly on busy days. Although there are enough hammocks, the best spots (especially for the groups having two or more) are available within an hour after opening this park.
  • Cannot find a place on its main beach? Go to the lazy river to tour the park. Also it has quieter places in the park at the back of Mount Gushmore.
  • Take the cheapest sunglasses with you! Leap quickly learned the lesson when he lost the color of his most recent frog due to the cold. Buy a $ 5 glass at the pharmacy for your underwater attraction.

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